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Innovative &
Personalized Vehicle Experiences

All facets of the automotive sector are being disrupted. The focus of manufacturers is transitioning to linked vehicles and digital services as autonomous driving becomes a reality. They must digitally reimagine and enhance three crucial areas to compete: 

Operations: Address all related problems while swiftly developing and delivering high-quality next-generation automobiles.

Products: Increase resilience and efficiency to improve quality and maintain profitability in a constantly changing environment.

Engagement: Increase client loyalty by giving customers services and experiences that create additional revenue streams.

ACI Infotech's innovative automotive technology, expertise, and experience enable a transformational change. Automotive companies benefit from digital transformation by becoming more viable and becoming ready for the future.

What We Do

We help automotive companies to drive efficiencies, unlock new value,
enhance the customer experience, and create new business models.
Customer Experience
Advanced Tech
Manufacturing Solutions
Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience from a series of fragmented interactions into a comprehensive, meaningful, and purpose-driven experience. Develop tailored experiences that go above and beyond customer expectations and build loyalty from day one by using digital technologies, like AI, to learn what customers really want.

Advanced Tech
Manufacturing Solutions
Optimize all facets of vehicle production and assembly by utilizing Industry 4.0 to. Leveraging your untapped data, a hybrid cloud, and AI-powered digital transformation can assist you in optimizing operations and boosting productivity, agility, and product quality.
Product Engineering

Enable quicker time to market and better user experiences with ACI Infotech’s comprehensive software product services. We collaborate with OEM engineering teams and Tier 1 suppliers to envision, design, develop, and validate vehicle systems while designing new cars. Some of our solutions include Product Architecture, Devops Processes, Rapid Prototyping and UX, Software Development, Product Testing and Integration.

Connected Vehicle

Connect drivers to their vehicles and surroundings with the help of real-time data and insights. The solution collects data from sensors and systems and outside information on the weather and traffic using in-car software. We are pioneers in both fields, and our vehicle networking solutions go above and beyond the strictest data security standards.

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