The automotive industry is the technological trendsetter among all the manufacturing industries.

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Our Services Solving the Business Challenges
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Digital Innovation

With the advent of digital technology and digital innovation important day to day decisions in the automotive industry can be made easily in real time. This is possible only because platform-based technology provides immediate access to Big data. Efficient and effective product processes are one of the significant elements that are transforming the automotive industry.


Radical Challenges

Automotive companies are today facing radical challenges to their businesses with the emergence of digital technology. ACI combines industry knowledge, best-in-class expertise, and technical know-how to help automotive companies successfully harness emerging technologies such as mobility and analytics.


Domain Expertise

At ACI we offer automotive industry domain expertise with our expertise in mobility, IoT, and analytics to develop various digital automotive experience applications that cater to the new age consumers.

  • Custom application development & maintenance
  • Process automation
  • Analytics solutions deployment
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Supply chain management system
  • Cloud-based dealer management system
  • Warranty management solution
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ACI is a strategic partner of global clients for managing complex industry-specific processes that impact their bottom-line. An end-to-end vertical approach to service delivery, technology-led solutions and a client-centric approach enable us to deliver business value to these clients who hail from diverse industries.


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