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Transforming Data Management: PDS and ACI Infotech's Strategic Partnership



PDS is a multinational provider of integrated and customized solutions for global retailers and brands. Known for their ethical approach and focus on sustainability, PDS leverages their design expertise and industry experience to cater to the fast-evolving preferences of consumers in the fashion industry. Operating across various markets and regions, PDS generates vast amounts of data, necessitating an optimized data handling process to remain competitive. 


PDS faced several significant challenges: 

  • Data Silos: Disparate data across departments hindered a comprehensive view of operations. 
  • Data Quality Issues: Inconsistent formats, duplicate records, and missing data obstructed accurate analysis. 
  • Legacy Systems: Outdated infrastructure limited scalability and agility. 
  • Security Concerns: Ensuring data protection compliance required robust security measures. 

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