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Artificial Intelligence – Evolution or Revolution?


From a typing machine to supercomputer, and from a human brain to neural networks, global technological evolution, though with its own set of pros and cons, has led to wonders across every industry. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the center of such an evolution and has become ubiquitous in applications across. Though journey of AI’s development spans across decades, heavy investments and supporting technologies in the not so recent past has enabled AI to be adapted far and wide.

AI is the ability of a digital computer — or robot/humanoid controlled by computer applications; or smart machines — to perform tasks that require human intelligence. AI stakes are high and is widely seen where characteristics of human intellectuality is required such as reasoning, discovering the meaning, generalizing, learning from past experiences etc. Nowadays, CIOs and leaders’ pursuit to accelerate the pace of change and ensuring intelligent investment resulted in the trend of diverse applications of AI. For example, medical diagnosis, computer search engines, voice or handwriting recognition, smart Assistants, self-driving cars, chatbots, robots, among others. 

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