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Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions

Strategic Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enterprises today are facing challenges in terms of effective governance and risk management options that don’t involve compromising on industry compliance standards. We help you in overcoming these challenges and provide solutions to identify and effectively manage both, risks and compliance violations.

Cost Basis Compliance With varied experience of more than half a decade in the domain, we at ACI help our financial institutional clients assess technology and operational changes that are required to comply with cost basis legislation. The changes cover a broad spectrum of technology applications and business processes across front, middle and back office functions.Our solutions are one of the best in the market because of our integrated capability and a pool of skilled resources with experience across a variety of platforms

    • Our expertise covers processes and applications.
    • Processes:
  • Research cost basis information
  • Edit cost basis information
  • Select lot vs. purchase
  • Reconcile cost basis information
  • Recalculating cost

  • Portfolio accounting system
  • Client reporting
  • Account transfers (ACATS/CBRS)
  • Tax services (TurboTax, CCH)
  • Customer and account data
  • Reconciliation engine
  • Trades
  • Balances and positions
  • Securities master
Other Offerings

    Our domain consultants work with the client’s team to chart out the journey to achieve compliance by reducing the client’ organization’s running cost. Below is the assessment summary and engagement model that can be used to:
  • Understand the key impact areas that are part of the client’s business portfolio and project management processes
  • Identify the key impact areas that need to be fully embedded within the organization for achieving the next maturity level in complying with regulations
  • Understand and improve the capability of these key impact areas to manage compliance regulations more effectively
  • Tax services (TurboTax, CCH)
  • Appreciate the risks acquired through process capability issues associated with a particular service provider by managing their programs and projects
Solutions Offered

    We provide maintenance and support activities for FLEXCUBE®, Reveleus and Postilion application to curb financial risks that may create a knock-on effect while doing business. We offer customer centric solutions and customize application parameters and interfaces without changing the base code of products.
Financial Risk

    Our application management services for FLEXCUBE®, Postilion and Reveleus include:
  • 24/7 production support and maintenance
  • Immediate response to ad hoc inquiries regarding application functionality and technical support
ACI Advantages

    Our expertise in Oracle, PL/SQL, Java, Web Services, XML, PL/SQL developer, SOA, .Net, SQL Server and Borland applications enables us to design an agile platform which will provide the following benefits:
  • A centralized process
  • Increased efficiency
  • A standardized business processes across the group
  • Reduced operating risk
    Our production support covers three levels of implementation to get in-depth understanding of customer specific changes:
  • Level 1 – Service desk
  • Level 2 – Production support
  • Level 3 – Oracle support: Patches/Version releases