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ACI EduTech

Our Cloud-First approach transforms schools and educational institutions and empowers students & educators with a richer experience.

The advent of technology has naturally paved the way and brought in a lot of changes in the education realm. Education institutions irrespective of their size are adopting the change with great enthusiasm. As technology and learning go hand in hand, all segments of learners are using digital technologies with great enthusiasm.

ACI EduTech act as an enabler to help the educational institutions deal with the ever-changing environment. We take time to understand your educational institution specific processes and business needs to provide a unique solution that adds more value to your educational institution. In addition to expertise in the higher education industry, ACI brings a unique value proposition to schools, colleges, and universities to stay agile in today’s new digital age.

Our bespoke technology solutions specifically designed for the education industry:

Complete Virtual Campus, School Management System, Learning Management System, Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Interactive Learning Devices, Single-Sign-On User Account, Complete Virtual Campus Solution.

Gartner Survey Finds 59 Percent of Higher Education CIOs Expect Significant Business Model Change Due to Digital Transformation.

ACI EduTech Cloud Offerings:

ACI edutech_school management solutions
Complete Virtual Campus
School Management System
Learning Management System
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Interactive Learning Devices
Single Sign-on User Account

Six Opportunities for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Read on to learn more about top six opportunities in digital transformation – Internet of Things, Virtual reality, Predictive analytics, Adaptive learning, Artificial Intelligence & Digital dashboards to transform the campus experience for students, faculty, and staff.

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