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ACI’s industry-leading cybersecurity practice help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms.

ACI’s leading information security services protect your business from data breaches, negative publicity, damaged credibility and disruption of services. We deliver world-class offerings, security knowledge and experience to provide you with comprehensive information security.


Cybersecurity Consulting and Managed Services

  • The ACI cyber security team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers. From consulting and managed services to business continuity and disaster recovery, ACI has all your cyber and IT security solutions.
Software Security Assurance

  • ACI security consultants will apply rigorous industry standards for software security assurance such as OWASP at the beginning of the SDLC to minimize or eliminate them as a source of threat to your IT environment. For existing applications, we perform authenticated and unauthenticated vulnerability assessments to confirm that the application and its infrastructure (such as servers, databases, and other elements) are free from issues like configuration problems and missing security patches.
Managed Security Services

  • ACI offers organizations a complete array of Managed Security Services for traditional data center, endpoint, identity and network management, as well as additional services to secure applications and next-generation platforms including cloud, mobility, and big data and analytics.
Information Security/Information Assurance Solutions

Our Solutions include

  • Network and Application Security
  • Virtualization / Cloud Computing Security
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP / COOP)
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention, Anti-Malware, Anti-virus
  • Information Assurance Staff Augmentation
  • IT Audit, Regulatory Compliance Audit (FISMANIST SP 800)
  • Network and Security Operations Center (NOC / SOC)