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Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

Organizations today face a daunting task: how to best manage an ever-growing flow of data. Almost universally, the answer has been the cloud. That’s why finding a way to do it efficiently and cost-effectively is a top business imperative for every company moving forward. Unfortunately, most IT organizations aren’t innately equipped to effectively manage a hybrid ecosystem of on-premises and cloud-based IT systems. Companies need to find a partner with intimate cloud-platforms knowledge, skilled resources and proven tools and methodologies to help them be successful as they migrate, aggregate, integrate and customize their diverse cloud services.

Reinvent your business with ACI’s Cloud Computing & Integration Services

ACI ’s cloud practice helps clients implement strategies for innovative, enterprise-wide digital transformation.

  • Focus on cloud led industry-wide application transformation
  • Best-of-breed tools, & frameworks for large enterprise cloud programs
  • Solution accelerators spanning all stages of life cycle – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing
  • World-class cloud solutions involving hybrid architectures
  • Strategic alliances and offerings with industry leading cloud service providers like AWS, SFDC, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Cisco, NetSuite

ACI delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud brokerage and management services to enable optimum IT services delivery across cloud and on-premises landscapes. ACI can help you with:

  • Cloud strategy development – define and reach strategic business goals with the cloud
  • Cloud integration with service providers
  • Cloud integration across the enterprise − big data, mobility, ERP and business intelligence
  • Cloud migration assessment – analysis of your current state – business and technology gap analysis, key findings and the opportunities to reduce costs and add flexibility
  • Cloud road-map development – high-level project plans for cloud implementation with prioritization and phased timeline
  • Cloud business-case development – internal communication and change management
  • Cloud environment architecture and design – targeting end-state architecture for simplified cloud transition
  • Cloud migration services – organizational shift to cloud delivery, including full life-cycle services
  • Cloud application transformation – shift of specific applications to cloud delivery

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