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The Retail Industry comprises a virtual treasure trove of information that can help enterprises discover who is buying what, why they’re buying it, and how they feel about it after they’ve purchased it. Consumer transactions and opinions regarding those transactions are everywhere, and ACI works with retail companies to develop highly effective tools to integrate and parse these vast amounts of data, develop comprehensive reporting tools, and measure them against goals. Developing a more accurate picture of a company’s market position can allow a firm to target market more effectively, stay the course on particular strategies, or make course corrections quickly to effect positive change. ACI has expertise in this exponentially growing area of BI and big data reporting and analytics:

  • Category management
  • Product management,
  • Market share, forecasting
  • Inventory, distribution, logistics, vendors,
  • 360-degree view of the customer,
  • SKU and product, product hierarchy,
  • Sales, marketing, campaigns,
  • Market basket, product mix, new markets,
  • Pricing, competition

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