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Three business benefits of a data-driven organization in today’s digital age

Data is the new oil for “forward-looking businesses” to unlock the full potential of an entire organization comprising all business units to make data-driven business

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A strong alignment between CMO & CIO is a new narrative for 2019

Traditionally, marketing and IT departments of an organization aren’t considered allies. While marketers are trained to pursue quick results, implementation of tech solutions is often a slow process.


What it means to be a data-driven enterprise and how to become one

In today’s digital age economy, it is generally understood that businesses must become data-driven enterprises to improve business performance, create sustainable value for consumers,

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Top brands are crunching mounds of real-time data and using AI to deliver the best customer experience

The world is in the thick of an unprecedented AI race. Top tech titans such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and Amazon are continually ramping up their artificial intelligence operations.

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Real-Time Analytics: A tool to bolster customer experience through data insights

Customer behaviour today is driven by high expectations. The room for compromises and make-do attitudes is fast-shrinking with users wanting businesses to come to them full-way and at their convenience Continue reading Real-Time Analytics: A Tool to Drive Customer Experience through Insights