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ACI Infotech helped an American multinational bank's Wealth Management unit replace a fragmented CRM system with a unified Salesforce solution that offered an easy-to-access 360-degree customer view​

A leading Global Bank

Goals/ Challenges


The bank's Wealth Management unit has numbers of advisors helping its clients manage their personal wealth and investments. Along with much of the financial services industry, this unit had a turbulent in the recent past, including several acquisitions and mergers. This resulted in a complex web of four disconnected customer relationship management solutions that led to some critical challenges including:

  • The on-premise solutions were difficult and expensive to operate, both in terms of infrastructure complications and IT employees’ salaries.
  • Each CRM system was able to give wealth management advisors only a partial view of clients' financial information and interactions with the bank.
  • Advisors often had to log into multiple CRM tools to access client data, wasting precious time and frustrating customers.
  • While some sensitive data lacked enough security, other data was overprotected and preventing access from relevant team members.
  • Advisors were not able to access CRM information on mobile phones, further impeding their performance and client satisfaction.

Our Solution/ Approach


ACI developed a custom Salesforce CRM solution and integrated it with its existing system. The solution replaced the bank’s fragmented system of on-premise software. The new CRM empowered them with:

  • A centralized 'dashboard' of important client data including all contacts with the bank and relevant financial information that advisors could easily access in one place anytime.
  • A complete yet granular security solution within Salesforce that guaranteed that sensitive client data was accessible to only the entitled ones.
  • A Salesforce mobile CRM solution that empowered advisors with secured access to their client information on Blackberries.
  • A hybrid or mashup solution that allowed the bank to maintain sensitive account balance information on-premise while providing a cloud-like experience to customers.

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