Public Sector Utility Company

AES 256 Encryption

Urgent need for encryption of various data layer in many web and intranet application as per
govt mandatory.
Multiple scenarios on both DMZ and on prem applications, public facing applications


  • PMI AES 256 encryption solution api developed and
    got approved upon testing
  • Integration with all data and business layer of business critical applications
  • Encrypt and decrypt modules consumed seamlessly with major applications on DMZ and on premise.
  • Validated encrypted data in backend oracle db.
  • PMI encryption encrypts/decrypts sensitive fields associated with applications accountmanager2104,acctmgr and Lescom (accountmanagermail). This is achieved by implementing AES 256 bits encryption standard in a wrapper application by name PMI encryption.
  • Encryption Initiator run on existing data for updated security

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