ECU enhancements

  • Business critical core application needed major overhaul and enhancements
  • Multiple modules needed refactoring as per current business needs
  • Intranet application that is used for creating estimates and work orders for compatible units. The application can be used to both update Work Order information as well as create Estimates which can be reviewed and potentially turned into Work Orders at a later date. Finally, work orders must be created in SAP, and SAP must issue the Work Order number. Complete integrations with SAP needed
  • More than 40 functional enhancements are done
  • Various changes in data, business layers implemented
  • Integration with SAP developed
  • Testing, UAT and final production. Training to the engineers to utilize new modules
  • Engineers are able to function as per latest business needs
  • Fields officers have better clarity of the contract work to be done
  • Complete integration with SAP.

Case Study