ACI Infotech provided An Intelligent Data Integration for a Multinational E-commerce Corporation

A Multinational E-commerce Corporation

Client Challenges
  • The client was an American multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales through its website. With operations in more than 32 countries and an omni-channel retail approach, the company has a huge amount of data gathering from multiple touchpoints in several formats for business transactions. They were unable to integrate the huge data into single format in real-time making data transformation - an expensive, tedious, and time-consuming process. The client had ETL solution that processed data transformation only in batches causing a significant delay in payment processing. Their ETL solution was technology-heavy and was very hard to interpret non-technical users.
  • The e-commerce major required a solution that would efficiently integrate the data and convert it into the required format. They were also looking for a solution that would allow their business analysts without technical knowledge to address the integration exceptions and eliminate the need for an extra IT resource to process exceptions
Our Solution/ Approach
  • After a detailed analysis of the data integration challenges faced by the client and their business requirements, our data architects, designed, implemented and maintained a framework to move multi-terabytes of data between Teradata and Hadoop using Teradata Bridge. We developed a POC (proof of concept) product leveraging Big Data Analytics, Hadoop for map-reduce, Teradata, Teradata Bridge, Unix Shell Scripting, SOL, Hive, HDFS etc. Our team of experts created reusable components for easy plug-in/ plug-out datasets. By creating Proof of Concepts from scratch illustrating how these data integration techniques can meet specific business requirements, we helped the client reduce cost and time to market .

Case Study