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ACI Infotech provided a QlikView CEO dashboard & Qlik Nprinting implementation provided faster feedback for a major FMCG firm​

A large FMCG Company


  • Client needed a QlikView CEO dashboard to provide quick insights into the organization's health. Calculating profitability comprehensively requires a clear picture of both costs and sales, consolidated in a single place in order to make comparisons. 
  • Gathering and analyzing data in an entirely different way to achieve better business productivity

Our Solution/ Approach


  • Identified the variables according to the segments: Region, Customer, Plant, Product, Discounts, and Sales O Identified the most granular approach for each segment


  • Volume and Value growth %: Combo chart with line charts for Volume and Value against a bar plot for GDP growth %
  • Sales to Total: Bar plot for sales ordered by descending and % contribution to total sales is denoted 
  • Actuals to Target: Bar plot for actual sales and the target indicated by a marker against the bar 
  • Market Share by Volume & Category: Line graphs with markers and values on different data points for easy reference 
  • KPls: Donut charts with the actual value inside to provide the % completion for each KPI

Case Study