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  • ACI Infotech implemented a Demand Forecasting..

ACI Infotech implemented a Demand Forecasting Solution for large retail organization to improve their sales pipeline

A New York - based beverages and water retail organization​

Client Challenges/ Goals


  • Accurate Estimation of demand, while factoring several latent factors
  • Direct impact on manufacturing, sales and procurement


  • Insufficient industry data on various influencing factors
  • Impact of external factors like population, whether, and brand value to be taken into consideration
  • Seasonality effecting the demand to be considered

Our Solution/ Approach


  • Integrated external and internal data sources to perform casual forecasting and sensitivity analysis to understand the impact of variables on the demand


  • Using Regression and Time Series Modelling, the features that were influencing the demand were modeled and a dynamic dashboard with simulation capability was provided

Case Study