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  • ACI incorporates the Transport Cost Optimization..

ACI incorporates the Transport Cost Optimization to streamline the delivery process and deliver greater customer experience for a Kitchen Tap manufacturer​

a leading manufacturer of kitchen taps, located in New York 

Goals/ Challenges


  • Selection of the best possible routes to cut down the transportation time ).- Reduction of the transportation cost
  • Better partner collaboration wherever possible )0- Access to real time Information
  • Contingency planning against external factors


  • Integration of available statistical tools with the ERP systems to gather data 
  • Computational difficulty with growing number of customers

Our Solution/ Approach


  • Analysis of distance/travel time data between customers, depots, and pick up points
  • Constraint-based identification of optimal routes from all feasible routes between the nodes, considering several factors
  • Detailed delivery schedule for real-time monitoring of dispatch of goods with respect to trucks, products, and routes


  • Route optimization and generation of delivery schedule in terms of vehicle, driver, location, time and customer details 
  • Leveraged meta-heuristic-based swarm intelligence optimization algorithms
  • Proposed improved efficiency for trucks by identifying the root causes of delay and analyzing the past delivery data

Case Study