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It’s high time to unleash the true potential of your data to achieve a sustainable growth!

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Carve Out a Competitive Edge with Big Data & Analytics

ACI has been at the forefront of the Big Data revolution in several industries and domains. Our Big Data and Analytics services help you in analyzing the voluminous data to gain the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. We provide AI-driven big data analytics services to enable real-time insights into your business processes and customers. Our data scientists understand the four Vs of big data - volume, velocity, variety, and veracity, and develop robust solutions with unique approaches that help you improve your decision-making.


Big Data & Analytics Services for Transforming your Business


Data Analytics Strategy

We develop fail-proof strategies with data-driven approaches before you launch your big data analytics initiatives to help you effectively achieve your business goals.

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Data Discovery and Augmentation

By augmenting your assets with third-party data and predictive analytics, we bring you 360-degree view of your business processes and customer.

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Data Management & More

In addition to data analytics and synthesis, ACI data experts assist you in data governance, monetization, compliance and more.


Data Democratization

Our expert data professionals customize user-friendly tools to empower your employees to embrace data and hit the ground running on your journey to AI.


Big Data Strategy Consulting

We assist business decision makers in defining big data strategy for their organizations and selecting the right technology tools and processes to achieve strategic goals.

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Big Data Infrastructure Set Up & Support

We guide businesses in selecting the most appropriate infrastructure model while ensuring effective yet seamless deployment of Big Data technologies.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our BI and Analytics services empower you with past, current and predictive views of your business operations and customers, thus improving your decision-making.

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Big Data Development Maintenance & Support

We exhibit proven expertise in effectively handling the complete lifecycle of Big Data implementation - deployment, development, maintenance and support.

Tools We Use to Bring you the Deepest Insights

ACI data professionals leverage the following tools to manage your big data and empower you with actionable business insights:


Industries in Which We Have Happy Clients

As a leading RPA services provider in the USA, ACI has been helping enterprises of diverse industries in automating processes with this disruptive technology.

Healthcare & Lifesciences




Banking & Capital Markets


Energy & Utilities






Telecom, Media & Entertainment


Transportation And Logistics

It’s high time to unleash the true potential of your data to achieve a sustainable growth!

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