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ACI HR Service Management

ACI HR Service Management

HR Service Management is the process by which the HR organization provides services and addresses inquiries with the employee population. It can be done efficiently using our ACI HR Service Management Solution, wherein it transforms HR service delivery and elevate the employee experience. It works as a connect between Employee and HR. It streamlines the interactions, boost productivity and improve overall quality of service. ACI HRSM reduces risk and drives compliance as well.

ACI HR Service Management [ACI HRSM] is designed to integrate with any of your existing Core HR finctionalities, Talent Management, Workforce Management tools available in the market.


Employee Experience for HR Service Delivery (Showcasing integration benefits of ACI HRSM-Workday to transform overall HR Service Delivery)

  • Self-service HR service catalogs recognizes user, delivering contextual and relevant content
  • HR personnel need not log in to Workday to utilize limited HR profile data
  • HR profiles can be leveraged in HR service delivery (with no ability to modify), or optionally, can be edited and written back to Workday
  • SLAs can be tailored to user profile, location
  • Performance Analytics for HR provides detailed reporting and analytics metrics that help HR optimize and improve quality of service

Benefits with ACI HRSM

  • Elevates the employee experience with a modern portal that supports the Onboarding-to-Separation employee lifecycle, increasing productivity and the overall quality of service.
  • Streamline the interaction between employees and HR with additional prebuilt HR Services across common COEs.
  • Visibility, Availability and Agility of Human Resource Delivery Process.

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